OROGRANULE    OROGRANULE - Brand new therapeutic concept that tackles the many complex issues our cells face that can affect our health.
    This ground breaking method has been made possible thanks to OroChronoDietology® – a revolutionary new science recognised by the International Scientific Community that is changing the face of natural health. This exclusive, patented discovery is the result of 20 years work by the Research and Development teams of Dr. Gaetano Zannini in collaboration with International University Centres.
    This 100% natural treatment comes in the form of a new and patented Orogranule™. Much like a snowflake, the active ingredients and the container are one and the same and this offers three unique key factors:
  •     The Orogranule™ protects and nourishes the cells with no risks
  •     Absorption is directly through the tongue and mouth.
  •     There are no capsules, excipients, gelatine, cellulose or preservatives.
    Each product has different treatments for different part of the day – Morning, Daily and Evening. Each one is specifically designed to cater for individual aspects of health and to work in conjunction with the cells’ functions throughout the day.


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